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Hand rejuvenation

• hollows between the tendons • Age spots •

Hand rejuvenation – aesthetic medicine

The backs of the hands can have 3 types of flaws :

  • Hollows in the area of the intermetacarpal joints of the back of the hands and visibility of the veins. These hollows are easily filled with hyaluronic acid injections or dermal fillers injections (sculptra, radiesse, etc…). There are minimal after effects with no discomfort in hand movement or disruption to social life. The results last 1 year on average.
  • Wrinkled backs of hands are treated with injections ofskinboosters or Profhilo® which provide hydration and firming.
  • Age spots can be reduced with chemical peels in one or several sessions, spaced 2 to 3 months apart, and ideally in winter.
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