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Dark circles and under eye bags

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Dark circles and under eye bags

Dark circles have 2 characteristics: a hollow and a bluish-blackish pigmentation.

Pigmentation is difficult to treat directly, therefore camouflage cosmetics are generally recommended.

On the other hand the hollowed out appearance of dark circles is significantly improved by hyaluronic acid injections.
Hyaluronic acid is painlessly applied with cannula, in the consulting room.
To guarantee a very natural result, hydrophobic hyaluronic acid is chosen, as it does not absorb water, therefore limiting swelling.
The result lasts on average 12 months before the injections should be repeated.

Bags under the eyes are ideally treated surgically. However, during the treatment of dark circles with hyaluronic acid small bags can be camouflaged as a result.

Before / After

Filling of dark circles

Comblement des cernes à l'acide hyaluronique à Cannes, Nice, Antibes - Alpes Maritimes

Filling dark circles with hyaluronic acid

Correction and treatment of dark circles

Correction des cernes à Cannes Alpes Maritimes

Dark circles treated in another aesthetic center with edematous reaction and persistent puffiness (A); Correction by hyaluronidase (B); 2 weeks later, treatment of dark circles with hyaluronic acid (C).
Traitement cernes & poches à Cannes, Côte d'Azur - Dr Laveaux

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