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Wrinkles and eye contours

• Glabella wrinkles • Wrinkles around the eyes • Crow’s feet • Lower eyelid fine lines •

Wrinkles and eye contours’ fine lines treatments

The most frequently performed treatment to correct fine lines around the eyes is botulinum toxin injections.
This treatment makes it possible to reduce the glabella wrinkles (lines located between the eyebrows), the wrinkles around the eyes (crow’s feet) and in some cases the fine lines of the lower eyelid.

In the case where botulinum toxin is insufficient, injections of mild cross-linked hyaluronic acid fwill further improve the appearance of fine lines.
These injections should be performed at least 2 weeks after botulinum toxin injections when the effect of the toxin is at its best.

Finally, peel treatments can also play a role in improving the overall skin texture, including the reduction of some fine lines.

Before / After

Atténuation rides contour des yeux par toxine botulique à Cannes Alpes Maritimes

Attenuation of eye contour wrinkles by botulinum toxin
Correction rides et ridules à Cannes Alpes Maritimes - Dr Laveaux

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