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Sagging skin

• Neck & oval of the face • Cheek folds • Decollete •

With ageing or after a significant weight loss, the face and neck have sagging skin. This is especially visible on the face in the form of jowls and marionette lines, cheek wrinkles, on the neck with the appearance of vertical neck bands (platysmal bands) and other unsightly skin folds.

When there is too much excess skin on the jowls and neck, a well performed surgical facelift is the best solution.
However, an aesthetic medicine treatment may be recommended for touch ups after a surgical facelift or for more moderate flaws.

Neck and oval of the face

The following are aesthetic medicine methods to treat sagging skin of the jowls and neck:

  • Absorbable Tensor threads absorbable tensor threads can be placed in 20 to 45 minutes depending on the number of threads placed, after a simple local anesthesia.
    The after effects include, skin folds and possible bruising (easily hidden by makeup) that disappear in 3 to 5 days. The beneficial effect of absorbable threads lasts about 10 to 12 months.
  • Non-absorbable tensor threads can be placed in 40 to 90 minutes, under local anaesthesia in the clinic. The effect lasts 5-10 years.
    These threads do not replace a surgical facelift in the case of too much excess skin, but as an interesting alternative if the excess skin is mild or where a surgical intervention is not desired. They can also complement the overall result of a surgical facelift.
  • Dermal fillers which stimulate collagen secretion.
    After 3 sessions spaced 6 to 8 weeks apart, the face is plumped and the skin naturally re-energised. In addition, the skin texture is improved thanks to the tightening of the pores. Only one touch up session is then required every 2 years.
  • Botulinum toxin injected into the platysma muscle of the neck and the pulled down muscles of the corners of the mouth (DAO muscles), achieves a lifting-like effect (“nefertiti lift”) by smoothing out the verticals lines on the neck and softening the contour of face. The effect lasts 5-6 months.

Cheek folds

Deep cheek wrinkles due to a large excess of skin will need to be treated with a facelift. Wrinkles may persist after the facelift due to cheek skin elasticity ; therefore, complementary treatments are necessary.

In the case of no excess skin, cheek folds will be treated directly without a surgical facelift.

Useful treatments to reduce cheek folds include:

  • Skinboosters, non-crosslinked hyaluronic acid allow re-hydration of the skin.
    2 to 3 sessions 2 weeks apart, renewable annually are needed to obtain a good result.
  • Dermal fillers stimulate natural collagen and make it possible to plump and tighten the wrinkled skin of the cheeks.
  • Profhilo®, is a hybrid hyaluronic acid which combines the benefits of skinboosters (deep hydration) and dermal fillers (skin tightening). Two initial sessions are required 1 month apart with an annual touch up.
  • Peels help improve the overall appearance of facial skin and reduce fine lines.


The wrinkled skin of the decollete can be significantly improved thanks to Profhilo® injections.

Profhilo® is a hybrid hyaluronic acid combining in a single product a hyaluronic acid of low molecular weight and another of high molecular weight.This results in both deep hydration and firming of the skin.

For best results, two initial sessions spaced 1 month apart with an annual touch are recommended. During each session, a few painless superficial injections are performed.

There are minimal after effects with no disruption to social life.

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