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Sagging skin

• Sagging skin • Loss of skin elasticity • Skin Tightening • Skin Plumping

Sagging skin of the arms, thighs, stomach, neckline, decollete…

Many parts of the body can have a wrinkled and sagging appearance, or excess skin: arms, thighs, belly, decollete…

Surgery is generally recommended in extreme cases of excess skin, with scarring (facelift) or sometimes without scarring (J-Plasma Renuvion®).

In some cases, either when excess skin is moderate or in certain areas for which no surgical treatment exists (such as décolleté) or in addition to surgical techniques, non-surgical methods can improve :

  • Dermal fillers (Lanluma®, Sculptra®, …), applied in several sessions, tighten and smooth the skin thanks to collagen fibres induced by the resorption of the filler..
  • Profhilo®, is a hybrid hyaluronic acid which combines the benefits of skinboosters (deep hydration) and dermal fillers (skin tightening). Two initial sessions are required 1 month apart with an annual touch up.
  • Skinboosters, non-crosslinked hyaluronic acids, also injected in several sessions, plump the skin by their deep moisturising effect.
  • Abrasive techniques such as chemical peels or electro-rejuvenation by Timed also stimulate skin tightening and reduce light blemishes.
traitement relâchement cutané bras cuisses ventre et décolleté à Cannes - Dr Laveaux

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