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Aesthetic lip surgery

• Upper lip lift • Lip reduction • Lip augmentation • Commissure lip lift • Correction of fine lines •

Lips represent the sensual part of the face.

During a consultation for facial cosmetic surgery, the lips are quite often overlooked or are simply injected with hyaluronic acid.
The large number of “duck mouths” walking around the streets or in the media discourages patients from performing any treatment on their lips.
Yet, the lips play a major role in defining a youthful and attractive face.

Closer examination of the mouth and its contours must be carried out in order to identify the best treatment (and to dissuade the others!).

The upper lip lift

The upper lip lift helps to restore a young and dynamic smile.

In some people, the Cupid’s bow (skin between the nose and the red part of the lip) is too long while the red part of the lip (vermilion) is very small, even non-existent, either from birth or because of aging. The upper teeth are no longer visible when the mouth is open; the smile and facial expression appear unhappy.

The upper lip lift tightens the Cupid’s bow by reducing its length and repositioning the upper lip outwards which gives it a slightly more voluminous appearance (without the use of injections of fat or hyaluronic acid).

Guidelines for the procedure

The incision is hidden in the contours of the nostrils.

The procedure is performed on an outpatient basis (out the same day) under assisted local anaesthesia (type analgesia). The procedure lasts about 30 minutes.

The lip lift can be carried out under general anaesthesia when combined with one or more serious procedures (facelift, rhinoplasty,…). In this case, the hospital stay is from 12 to 24 hours.

Postoperative after effects

After the procedure there is no pain and the face is only lightly marked.

The stitches are removed 6 to 8 days after the procedure then wearing make-up and social and professional activities can be resumed.


The result is natural and the scar is almost invisible after several months. The appearance of the nostrils is never altered.

“Duck lips” are due to excessive injections or injections performed without a lip lift when a lip lift is required.

Small touch-up injections are possible after an upper lip lift where the volume of the upper lip is not sufficient.

Risk of complications

As with any surgery, a number of complications can occur. But the likelihood of these complications is reduced in the hands of a qualified plastic surgeon and in the presence of a competent anaesthetist.

The patient’s compliance to instructions given by the surgeon is also essential and include :

  • stopping smoking 1 month before and after the procedure (reduction of all risks) ;
  • not taking aspirin for 10 days before and after the procedure (reduced risk of hematoma.

Fortunately, postoperative effects are generally manageable following a lip lift that has been carried out properly, so serious complications are very rare.

In the event of a complication, appropriate measures will be taken.

In practice, the vast majority of cases take place without any problem and the patients are satisfied with the result.

Health insurance coverage
As this procedure is considered purely for aesthetic purposes, no coverage is provided by health insurance.

Lip reduction

Lip volume reduction can be performed on lips that are naturally too big or to correct over-injected lips with non dissolvable fillers. Certain lip asymmetry problems can also be treated with this method.

The reduction can be applied to either one or both lips. Other lip surgeries, such as an upper lip lift or a commissure lift can be associated at the same time.

Guidelines for the procedure

The operation is performed on an outpatient basis, either under local anaesthesia or under general anaesthesia depending on your case.

The incisions are concealed inside the mouth in the mucous membrane, allowing reduction of either lip. For best results avoid very hot foods, forced smiles and smoking during the postoperative period.

Postoperative after effects
Postoperative after effects are manageable and painless. Any discomfort is temporary. The lips are swollen for several days therefore the final result is only visible after 2 to 4 weeks.
The result is natural and flawless.

Lip augmentation

Lip volume can be increased in different ways, there is not one solution better than another. Each solution has different advantages. The surgeon will help find the solution that best suits the patient’s needs.

Hyaluronic acid injections

Hyaluronic acid injections are easily done and are carried out on-site, at the doctor’s surgery.

The effect is temporary which is both reassuring and comforting for patients.
The procedure is performed by using cannulas to limit pain and bruising.

Anaesthetic cream and/or local anaesthetic is administered to the mouth in order to reduce discomfort to this sensitive area.
The amount injected can be adjusted during the same session or at a later time.

Fat injections (or lipofilling of the lips)

Fat injections (or lipofilling of the lips) permanently increases the volume. The procedure is performed under local or general anaesthesia depending on the case, on an outpatient basis.

The fat is removed from the patient before being purified by centrifugation and then finally reinjected as a fat graft in the lips.
As not all fat cells will survive during the transplant, partial loss of the initially injected volume is to be expected during the first 6 months.

As a result of this loss, one or several additional lipofilling sessions may be necessary to achieve the desired lip volume.

Silicone implants (Permalip)

Silicone implants (Permalip) can be inserted in the upper or lower lip, or in both lips, in the same surgery. This is an easy procedure performed under local anaesthesia on an outpatient basis.
The Permalip lip prostheses come in several sizes, ranging from discreet with a natural volume, to a more generous augmentation.

The 3 mm incisions are unnoticeable inside the mouth and are located at the corners of the mouth.

The result obtained is permanent yet reversible, as the implants can easily be removed.

Vermillon advancement

For rare cases, the vermillon advancement can also achieve lip fullness. An incision is made along the contour of the lips, at the line between the red part and the Cupid’s bow. This allows the upper lip, the lower lip, or both at the same time, to be raised.

The scar resulting from the procedure around the edge of the lips is normally very discreet.
Nevertheless, techniques without scarring (injections of hyaluronic acid, lipofilling, silicone implants) will always be preferred. Due to the position of the scar, this technique is reserved for those patients who have very fine lips that respond poorly to injections.

Before / After

Augmentation des lèvres à Cannes Alpes Maritimes
Silicone implant (Permalip) in the lower lip along with a commissure lip lift

Augmentation du volume des lèvres à Cannes, Alpes Maritimes
Lipofilling of both lips

Augmentation du volume des lèvres à Cannes, Côte d'Azur
Lip augmentation with hyaluronic acid injections (low, 1 mL)

Injections dans les lèvres à Cannes, Antibes, Monaco
Lip augmentation with hyaluronic acid injections (moderate, 2 mL)

Lip augmentation with hyaluronic acid injections (important, 3 mL)

In some cases in order to guarantee the best result, the surgeon may have to propose an earlier treatment to increase the volume of the lips. In the case of a drooping upper lip, an upper lip lift procedure is required beforehand to increase its volume. This will ensure that the, often feared, “duck mouth” effect, will be avoided.

All techniques chosen during discussion with your surgeon will give a natural result if the increase of lip size requested remains reasonable.

Corner lip lift or Commissure lip lift

The commissure lip lift elevates the outer corner of the lips.

It can be done at any age, the patient’s expression will go from having a sad air to a more relaxed and cheerful appearance. This lifting of the corners of the mouth also makes the face look younger.

Guidelines for the procedure

The commissure lip lift procedure is either performed under local anaesthesia, or in combination with a more global lip or face surgery.

A Dao muscle release (Depressor Anguli Oris or DAO muscles) can be performed during the same surgery or instead of a corner lip lift in minor cases. In this case, the scar is hidden inside the mouth.

Postoperative after effects

Postoperative after effects are manageable and painless. Small bruises are possible and can be easily hidden with the use of makeup.

Scarring happens within 1 week. An almost invisible scar of only a few millimetres at the corners of the mouth can be camouflaged by makeup until total healing is achieved after a few weeks.

When the modification is performed correctly the corners of the mouth have a very subtle and natural appearance.
Before / After

Augmentation des lèvres à Cannes Alpes Maritimes
Implant en silicone Permalip de la lèvre inférieure associé à un lifting des commissures labiales

Correction of fine lines around the lips

Fine lines and surface wrinkles around the lips can be treated by hyaluronic acid injections with a technique called ‘blanching’.

If there are wrinkles all around the mouth, the most effective and definitive treatment is electro-rejuvenation called Timed that is administered in one session, in winter. This technique is equivalent to laser treatment.

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