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High-definition Liposculpture

• High-definition Liposculpture •

High-definition Liposculpture

High-definition liposuction enables abdominal muscle, pectoral, Latissimus Dorsi flap, biceps, triceps and deltoid muscles sculpting.

High-definition liposuction combines a classic liposuction technique, to reduce excess fat, with a specific technique to define muscle contours

The abdominal and pectoral muscles, back muscles, arms and shoulders can be redesigned thanks to a highly selective liposuction. To achieve this Dr. Laveaux uses specific liposuction equipment.

In some cases, silicone implants can be placed in order to increase the apparent volume of certain muscles (pectoral implants, abdominal muscle implants, arm implants, etc.).

Guidelines for the procedure

The procedure is performed under general anaesthesia, either on an outpatient basis, or during a short hospital stay of 24 hours if the work to be performed is more extensive.

At the beginning of the operation a traditional liposuction is performed in order to remove the excess fat located in the hips, the abdomen, the pectorals and / or the arms.

A high precision liposuction is then performed using specific cannulas to sculpt all the muscular contours (abdominal, pectoral, arm muscles).

In some cases, the volume of the pectorals, calves, buttocks or abdominals can be increased at the end of the procedure by re-injecting the fat taken during liposuction work (lipofilling technique). If the patient has insufficient fat to perform this type of augmentation, silicone implants may be inserted either during the same surgical procedure or during subsequent surgery.

The incisions necessary for this procedure are only a few millimetres long and are located in very discrete zones.

Postoperative effects

The postoperative period is similar to that of a classic liposuction: the areas operated on are bruised and swollen especially for the first 15 days; the pain is variable depending on the amount of work done and is relieved by oral analgesics.

Adhesive dressings, which are cut to size by the surgeon, must cover the wound for one week in addition to a compression garment that must be worn day and night for one week.

In some cases, depending on the risk factors of each patient, the surgeon may prescribe the use of compression stockings and a preventive anticoagulant therapy.


Due to postoperative oedema and bruising, the results of the procedure are visible after the first month. Further improvements can be seen from 3 to 6 months on.

After treatment the patient appears much thinner and more athletic, greater definition of the abdominal muscles (“a six pack”), a slimmer build with sculpted pectoral muscles and arms.

In the long term, patients are encouraged to exercise regularly in order to maintain or even improve the result by keeping their weight constant and developing muscle volume.

If a lipofilling treatment has been performed during the procedure, the intake of naturally occurring growth factors in the injected fat will allow further development of any muscles through exercise.

High-definition Liposculpture in women

Some women may also benefit from this modern method of highly-specialised liposuction.. Of course, in this case, the desired appearance is less athletic and the sculpted lines are fewer and less pronounced.

Risk of complications

As with any surgery, a number of complications can occur. But the likelihood of these complications is reduced in the hands of a qualified plastic surgeon and in the presence of a competent anaesthetist.

The patient’s compliance to instructions given by the surgeon is also essential and include :

  • stopping smoking 1 month before and after the procedure (reduction of all risks);
  • stopping the pill two months before and after the procedure (reducing the risk of phlebitis and pulmonary embolism);
  • not taking aspirin for 10 days before and after the procedure (reduced risk of hematoma).

After a High-definition quality liposuction where all has gone well, serious complications are rare.

The following are amongst, and are not limited to, the rare complications that could occur, risk of seroma, infection, scarring and thromboembolic complications (Thrombophlebitis).

Appropriate care will be taken in the event of a complication.

Health insurance coverage

High-definition liposuction is never covered by health insurance.

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