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Temples and eyebrows

• Hollow of the temples • Increase in fullness of the eyebrows • Eyebrow lifting •

Temples and eyebrows

Temples hollow with ageing and/or weight loss. Hyaluronic acid injections or collagen dermal fillers are suitable for a temporary correction.

The fullness of eyebrows can also be increased for a rejuvenating effect by applying injections of hyaluronic acid in the Charpy’s fat pad area. Results last for about 12 months.

Finally, a slight eyebrow lifting effect can be achieved thanks to botulinum toxin injections. These can be applied either to the outer end of the eyebrows (eyebrow tail) or at the inner corner (beginning of eyebrow in the inter-eyebrow area) or globally by lifting the entire eyebrow. This lifting effect lasts about 6 months before the treatment should be renewed.

Before / After

Traitement par toxine botulique à Cannes Alpes Maritimes

Treatment of the upper face with botulinum toxin: the skin of the forehead is smoothed, the gaze rested and the tail of the eyebrows raised.

Médecine esthétique tempes et sourcils à Cannes - Alpes Maritimes - Dr Laveaux

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