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Less visible scars

Dr. Laveaux uses the specialist Urgotouch laser, developed by the French laboratory Urgo, for scar treatment

This laser is used solely during the suturing phase of the surgery allowing scar biomodulation; a unique technique that moderates the inflammatory response of collagen fibers before the scarring process commences.

As the patient is already under anesthesia with the current procedure the laser treatment is completely painless.

The benefit of this innovative technique is clinically proven, with scientific studies reporting an average improvement in scar size of 36% within 6 months.

These scientific studies have also demonstrated that this method is completely safe.

Healing time is reduced; the final appearance of the scars is better, therefore the overall result of the aesthetic intervention is improved.

Dr. Laveaux useing the laser scar treatment after suturing a breast lift.
Less visible scars

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